SIERRA PEAK 24" x 24" oil

I've tried to extract this painting from the foot of this mountain for years. The peak looms above the west side of Hope Valley, near the summit of Carson Pass and south of Lake Tahoe.

NEVADA COLORS 20" x 24" oil

Frustrated by an overcast sky flattening out my intended subject, I lugged my gear down this ravine determined to paint whatever I happened to find down there. I have to wonder why I don't take this approach more often. This is in the Santa Rosa Range, Northern Nevada.

WATER AND ROCKS 30" x 30" oil

Water and rocks are always interesting to me, especially when one's blue and the other's orange.

NORTH PEAK 24" x 24" oil

When I head north of Winnemucca I park my trailer on Bell Ranch, the home of Bill and Belinda Bell. This is their backyard, so to speak. It's the Bloody Run Hills. I've searched for the story behind the name with no luck. If anyone knows, please pass it along!

CALICO 40" x 48" oil

I hadn't visited southern Nevada's Red Rock Canyon for some twenty years. When my son Ian took a job working for the pack outfitter servicing the area I thought I'd best pay it another visit. Together we drove the canyon loop and came to the top of a rise when I gasped at the sight of this 180-million-year-old formation called Calico Hills. Next day I headed back there with my gear. I feel connected to this place. It's a Nevada gem.

WATER AND ROCKS II  22" x 28" oil

My painting buddy Tom Hughes often changes my way of thinking with matter-of-fact comments. "Just change the foreground and you've got a whole new painting" is one that sticks like glue.


All artwork and content Copyright © 2016 CRAIG MITCHELL


Between Tonopah and Mina, Nevada, and just east of the California-Nevada line are the Candelaria Hills, easily mistaken as commonplace because of surrounding peaks with more exciting names like Thunder, Mojo and Pilot, yet unlike their grander neighbors the northern foot terminates in the sand dunes. This is what draws me back there time and again. This piece is sold.